Student Supervision

Doctoral Students

Xianwei Li

Penalized EM for Multistate Models under Interval Censoring   Co-supervised with Richard J. Cook


Yechao Meng

Mortality Forecasting Using Statistical Learning Approaches  Co-supervised with Chengguo Weng

Former Doctoral Students

Ce Yang (2021)

Topics in Study Design and Analysis Involving Incomplete Data  Co-supervised with Richard J. Cook


Haoxin Zhuang (2021)

Correlated Data Analysis with Copula Models or Bayesian Nonparametric Methods Co-supervised with ​Grace Y. Yi


Meaghan S. Cuerden (2018)

Marginal Causal Sub-Group Analysis with Incomplete Covariate Data Co-supervised with Cecilia Cotton and Richard J. Cook 

Master's Students

Abetare Marevci


Former Master's Students

Ta j Jones-McCormick (2022)

Applications of YOLO Models for Table Detection

Tamrah Brown (2018)

Analysis of Longitudinal Agriculture Data Using Credibility Re- gression Trees

Xingyu Hu (2017)

Regression Trees and Random Forests with Bregman Divergences

Teaching Experiences

Winter 2015

STAT 221 Statistics (Nonspecialist)

Fall 2015

STAT 240 Probability (Advanced)

Winter 2016

STAT 221 Statistics (Nonspecialist)

Winter 2017

STAT 221 Statistics (Nonspecialist)


STAT 450 Estimation and Inference

Winter 2018

STAT 221 Statistics (Nonspecialist)


STAT 437/837 Analysis of Longitudinal Data in Health Research

Fall 2019

STAT 221 Statistics (Nonspecialist)

Winter 2020

STAT 221 Statistics (Nonspecialist)


STAT 431 Generalized Linear Model

Winter 2022

STAT 231 Statistics

Instructors of Sections 003 & 004 Course Coordinator

Fall 2022

STAT 431/831 Generalized Linear Model